Monday, July 27, 2009

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We all have physical addictions, some can be bad and others can be good. I feel my passion for training is one of the best physical addiction anyone could have. I threw this blog together so i could provide the physical addictions coupon code for my fellow savages out there. When I found I was impressed by there prices and quick shipping. Along with a coupon code you can tack on a 10% on there already low prices. And you have to love there name "Physical Addictions" it just sounds hardcore. I will post reviews of different products I've tried and keep people updated with the current coupon code. There is always a physical addictions coupon code active with deals varying month to month. Screw paying full price hit up the 10% discount code, DON'T miss out. The current coupon expires 10/01/2009

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sprinting = Disgusting Abs

Running... how’s that thought make you feel? For some a deep hatred, some a love/hate, and for some it’s purely love. I find myself in the love/hate category, but any fitness enthusiast must have some sort of cardio implemented in their training. When I do cardio I attempt to emulate two different sporting events, Sprinting and Football.

Just take a look at any sprinter or a wide receiver with their shirt off and you should see a pretty impressive physique and that is the thought process behind my cardio mentality. My routine is simple I will either run sprints on the nearby track or run routes if I have someone to throw to me. These are hands down the best ways to stay lean, but at the same time they really, really, suck. For most people running at 100% for an extended period of time is a very painful experience. And for me it is also very painful but I have learned to thrive of off the pain. When I feel the pain in my muscles and my body gasping for breath I know it is yielding the most results, and that is what motivates me. Along with visualizing a beast wide receiver like physique driving me to push harder and harder.

So when you get out there to hit some cardio on the weekend try to emulate an athlete with the physique you are shooting for. Consider hitting sprints until you feel like vomiting instead of running a couple sissy miles and make sure you get all your supplements from physical addictions with my physical addictions coupon code. The current discount code expires 10/01/2009

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Body Weight Training With A Side of Sprints

Yesterday I took my dog around the block to a soccer field to play some fetch with the little guy. When he started getting tired he wasn't bringing the ball back very quickly so I integrated my own workout in with his.

I used the soccer goal for pull ups/ chin ups and leg raises combined with sprints. I would do a set of pull ups followed by a set of 30 push ups and than I would sprint to midfield where my dog was being a lazy ass, chuck his ball and sprint back. That was basically it, repeated that and mixed in the leg raises when I was burning out on the pull ups. For example start with a set of leg raises than push ups sprint and than rest. The beauty of the workout is how simple it is and it will make you feel like a beast. Running around like an animal and hanging from the soccer goal, people will think you're nuts. Writing this post just inspired me to come up with a new method for measuring the quality of a workout. If people think you are crazy when you are doing your workout than your workout is probably the shit. What a revolutionary discovery...

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Troubleshooting Your Training Methods For The Organic Athlete

So you feel like you’re doing everything right and not getting the results you should be? Well if some one presents me with this problem in my mind I will basically go through a trouble shooting process. I will ask myself the following questions

  • Do you squat?
  • Does your routine consist mainly of compound exercises?
  • Do you do INTENSE cardio?
  • Is your diet as on point is it could be?
  • Is your perspective on what the ideal diet looks like completely skewed?
  • Are you a master of your own bodyweight in main areas pull up, push up and dip.

    At this point if all the questions were to be answered with a strong yes and the person isn't an absolute beast then I'll shit in Macy's window. But for most people I’m sure there are areas were they are lacking but they continue to neglect them looking other places for a magical answer. When it can be as simple as telling someone to add a solid squat regiment into their routine and watch their body go crazy 100% naturally.

    A perfect example from my own experience was being scared of pull-ups. I would hit my back with barbell/dumbbell rows, lat pull downs, seated rows, like a madman but never thought to go in fresh and start with some old fashioned pull-ups. Why you might ask, well because first off I sucked ass at them and second i didn't realize how much I was missing out. So I had to force my body to get better by having people spot me and doing tons of negatives and soon enough they became easier and results came. The bang for my buck was bigger than ever before though. Between the results I had seen in the past from my old routine were destroyed by the results from my newfound obsession with pull-ups.

    My forearms swole and my grip became much stronger by using a fat bar, my biceps became much much fuller and finally got veins poppin, and my lats definitely came in like wings. Now that’s bang for your buck and that’s what life’s all about, why take a year to accomplish something that can be done in 3 months.

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